We began with the Student Charter, now we do all sorts


Jason Jackson is president of the SU with Adnan Pavel leading on Media and Communications for the SU. We continue to work with the student union whenever we can, and are looking forward to closer involvement with the magazine and the radio station, now that a new era is starting. We have new members in the team – Georgina, Beckles, Gabriele. We want more people involved.


Claire Locke was Student Union President, myself (Pen Lister, then a Tech Lecturer) and Chris Sarchet (Project Manager, SPO) were the people behind this, with a team of students: Milja, Renata, Kristyana, Sharon (new!), Helena, Incy, Niner, Daniel, Piotr… we began byt working with Dr Sarchet to develop real talk for the student charter.

  • SocialMet Alumni:
    • Darcelle Dumas (left to work in a creative digital agency Nov 2011)
    • Wayne Gregory (left Oct 2011 to focus on creating animated comics)
    • Ivan Cardoso (left to focus on final year studies) but he is still involved!
    • Daniel York, Incy Ali Shah, and Anthony Ninebreaker Bennet have now also graduated but are still involved.


Important Stuff



Staff Charter Information

Board Members:

  • Peter McCaffery
  • Dr Christopher Sarchet
  • Pen Lister
  • Justin Lance
  • Fiona Carson
  • Andy Hills
  • Anna Gough-Yates
  • Tracey Gormley
  • Sheelagh Heugh

We are utilizing SocialMet to gather feedback (this site, the facebook page, the twitter accoiunt) and also using Google forms to make it easy for people to have their say. Jutsin Lance has also kindly organised a couple of live events where people wrote on (large) pieces of paper with their input. This content featured in the videos we made to publicise the development of the charter.

Student Charter Information

The Student Charter at London Met is being developed using six different ‘workstreams’. Each workstream has senior academics and student representitives on its board, and is responsible for a specific area of knowledge relevant to the charter content:

  • Workstream1¬†Learning, teaching, assessment and feedback
    Peter Chalk, David Butler, Sandra Sinfield, Lene Guerke
  • Workstream2 Student appeals, complaints and discipline
    Sheila Lodge, Liz Charman, David Butler
  • Workstream3 Student support and guidance
    Bob Morgan, Sandra Sinfield, David Butler
  • Workstream4 University facilities and services
    Laura Simmons, Marie Paturel
  • Workstream5 Student participation and engagement beyond the classroom
    Cecile Tschirhart, James Canlas, Signy Svalastoga
  • Workstream6 Student view and perception
    Claire Locke, Signy Svalastoga, Marie Paturel, Reshika Mendis

Student teams will be used to engage and monitor all feedback, including online social media and our Feedback Poster campaign. The student teams will each be led by a nominated Team Leader. Final names will be published when we go live in October week 1.

Technology, media and content will be generated by all the workstreams as well as the student teams themselves.

Pen Lister, nominally working for workstream 6, as well as on behalf of the University Review process, is happy to be helping with all aspects of this project.

(Update May 2012) The Student charter has now been tweaked by Cecile Tschirhart (Dean of Students) and Claire Locke, and is now at board level for final approval before going ‘live’.