Team Work Makes the Dream Work

To the friends I met at London Met who made my journey worthwhile.

c8f3441892bc2a3d8a0054bb185bff9dTeam work makes the dream work – just a poster that hangs upon the wall in the office where I am doing an internship. That, however, is not just a catchy rhyme to me; it’s much more than that. In my very last few days of uni, I know that the best memories I am taking from here are the long hours spent working on a coursework or just procrastinating with my friends in the library or on the third floor in the tower building (which during deadline periods was our permanent address) . Yes friends, not just study-buddies.

Going to uni has always been a dream and a plan for me but frankly, if I had no one to share it with, it would have been quite tedious.

Life is just so much easier when you have someone to co-experience those nerve-racking working-against-deadlines moments with. Here I can share so many examples— from submitting an assessment literally 4 minutes before the deadline, through the printers running out of paper or ink and us freaking out, to having my friend’s coursework lost in the dropbox!friends

Talks about boys, laughs, bored-to-death complaints, scanning around for eye-candies and, of course, the shared awesome feelings of completing our ‘masterpieces’. And all that has brought us closer. And that’s how you build friendships — not only around similarities and shared values but around shared experiences. And no matter where life takes us, I know that when we look back someday those are the things we all will remember!

So as a soon-to-be-graduate, my ‘wise’ advice to you is find a friend! You’ll get to plagiarise or as we, students, like to call it work in a team that will not only make your work better as opposed to if you were doing it alone but will also give you that friendly ‘kick in the butt’ just when you need it. And you’ll have someone to create life-long meaningful memories with!