Extracurriculars – give them a chance!


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that extracurricular activities are for geeks (… is it? Ed).  Well, they are but aren’t we all geeks in our own individual way? I think we all know the answer.

So here comes the question — are you part of an extracurricular activity? Probably not. Don’t worry I am not going to preach about how beneficial or how fun they are, I’ll just tell you my story.

About a little more than a year ago I joined two student bodies – London Met Entrepreneurs and SocialMet. I did it for purely selfish purposes — to put something extra on my CV which I thought will make me stand out. Now I know that I will stand out not because I was involved with something additional to my studies but because of the experience I’ve had with those extracurriculars.

For instance, I’ve written articles for SocialMet which are online. With my name on them! Com’on how cool is that?! Or the fact that I ran social media campaigns and managed website and newsletter content! These are things I can talk about on interviews because they are skills! I am the living proof — I got a digital marketing internship because of the work I did for those student initiatives!

Having a degree is no longer enough. On job interviews they don’t ask you ‘what did you study’ or ‘what degree do you have’, they ask you ‘WHAT CAN YOU DO?’

imagesA degree only gets you through the door to an interview, it’s your skills, experience and personality that gets you a job. And there’s no better way to work on them but to get involved with something additional. Extracurriculars are perfect for that purpose as they are absolutely voluntary and don’t put much extra pressure on you. Not to mention that this is a way of showing that you are proactive and it also displays what interests and inclinations you have. And you’d get to meet some exceptional people along the way who may turn out to be life-long pals.

In fact, the people I have met through those extracurriculars are the most exciting part of my uni experience. Take the SocialMet team for instance; I don’t know if we would have become friends if we had met in real life but man, I love those guys! We are all very very very different but we get along perfectly well. And we share a common vision of the world despite our individual differences. And that’s what makes it exciting — you learn to get over yourself for the common good, something you’ll inevitably have to do when you go to work in the real world!

So brave up! Embrace your geekiness and give something a go! You’d never know how awesome it may turn out to be!