What is university really for?

By Kristiyana Hristova

I shall let you know in advance that this is a personal perspective so feel free to disagree or, better still, share your opinion with us.

“What is university really for?” – that’s a question that not many people ask, and may be that is the reason they do not always make the most of uni. Personally I think that the real question here should be ‘what do I intend to make of university ?’.

For the majority of people (including me) going to university is a necessity in order to embark on a successful career path. Nonetheless, I do believe it is more than that, a lot more than that. University does not only open a door to better job opportunities, it is itself an opportunity – an opportunity for self-knowledge and self-development that would eventually help us reach a state of self-actualization later in life. It shows us all the opportunities and possibilities out there, it helps us discover our abilities and in some cases our limitations, but most of all it teaches us that the only limits are the limits of our own creativity and open-mindedness.

Furthermore, being at university facilitates the advancement of skills we have already developed and/or assists the development of new, integral to our career goals. In addition, through assessments we get the chance to integrate our skills, knowledge and creativity, and discover our potential. All that results in better (life-long) employability and accordingly better career opportunities. University is also great not only for self-exploration but for networking too – here we get the chance to meet some pretty terrific people – tutors and fellow students, that may turn into friends for life.

Going to university is supposed to be a conscious choice and as such, it is up to the individual of how they are going to spend their time, efforts and opportunities, and what would their attitude be. So, here comes the question ‘what do you want to make of your university experience?’.

Editors note: Kristiyana Hristova is a member of the SocialMet team and wanted to run an article about the purposes of university, from her point of view. Do you agree with her? Do you want to publish an article on our blog about something else close to your heart? Let us know in the comments below.