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Voices from London Met – some articles coming up over the next few days…

We’ve wanted to publish a series of articles for while – to post up here on the blog and share through our network. Trouble is, it’s just so hard to ask people to write another piece when they already write so much for either their study or their jobs. 

But now we’ve finally managed to put something together. A series of short articles from students on a few pithy topics: ‘Why studying in the UK is better than in my country’, ‘Humans versus Machines’, ‘How do we manage working?’, and a few more.

These think pieces are written by the SocialMet student team, and one or two lecturers. We would  welcome articles from anyone who wants to submit one, but we do reserve the right to publish, and edit where necessary (without changing the message or content in any significant way). Articles are checked by the author before being posted online.

Look out over the next few days for each article and give us your views. 

  1. Andy says:

    Maybe check with the CELT team before going ahead with these articles. I think its something they were intending to do.

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi immaturestudent, thanks for commenting. It’s no problem for ‘CELT’ to do whatever they want to do – SocialMet has ran a few articles/posts such as those outlined above before, last time submitted by staff (Peter Chalk and then Trevor Norris), and is always asking for pieces, from students and staff. So, this is just the next lot in a long line. I’ll post up the first one tomorrow, so look out for it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    hehe, I hate it when you see a typo after you’ve posted.