SocialMet in Spring 2012

As we begin the new semester we’re really excited about where SocialMet is going next. We’ve had fantastic support and reaction so far from everyone, and right up to the top too – Malcolm Gillies, our esteemed leader, has shown support for us, both in his Xmas holiday message email and also by asking for ‘a chat’ with us. Wow, that’s a long way from us hatching our little plan back in August 2011. (Fact – Malcolm was on Facebook back in 2006, so he is old school social media savvy, and that is very cool. Really.)


Statistics are still very healthy – 550 people on FB, 77 on Twitter, 68 on LinkedIn. We’re fairly quiet on the FB page currently, but things will spark up once semester kicks in.


What’s next???


(*takes deep breath*)


SocialMet will continue to focus on topics relevant to the Student Charter, which has an extended deadline for completion in the next few months. As the student charter kind of covers everything, that gives a wide scope!


Mark Bickerton has asked SocialMet to begin to help coordinate international social media at London Met by planning and launching SocialMet International (or maybe SocialMet Global, we’ll have to get some feedback on that???), and we’ll also begin work with various people on how to help coordinate and advise on social media in teaching and learning at the university. Of course, some staff do already make use of social media (we’re thinking Facebook and Twitter here, maybe LinkedIn etc, not ‘blogs’ or ‘wikis’, which perhaps now aren’t really considered ‘social media’ as such), so we’ll be chatting to them for their useful insight.


We’re now recruiting for new SocialMet Teamsters, both based here in London as well as the first teams that might be based in our major centres round the world – Pakistan, China, India, Nigeria, Poland. Anyone who wants to work with SocialMet should inbox Pen Lister on FB for further info???even if you have now graduated, I still want to hear from you if you’d like to help. It’s fun, very relevant to the social media business world, and ground breaking for a university too. There might even be some pocket money in it.


That’s it for now, and as we say here at HQ, keep it real ppl.


PL/January 2012