SocialMet Report to All Staff


SocialMet is reporting to All Staff – today at City Campus, 1pm – 2pm, CM 4-05, tomorrow at North Campus, 1pm – 2pm, TM 1-83.

I’m going through all the stats, pages, groups and links. I’m introducing the SocialMet world. It will be fun. Come along, we need everyone on board. I’ll add links to this post later for slides etc…

So, see you there.

UPDATE 15/11/11

Here are the slides for the presentation, delight in our wondrous statistics over the last six weeks or so. Thanks to all for making this happen!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good meeting, but low turn out. Looking forward to more people tomorrow!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Better turn out at north, and we are steadily gaining more support from staff. Today (15th Nov) we are presenting to our AUA members, so I’m looking forward to that…