The State of SocialMet Play


I'm not afraid to say, this SocialMet thing is a lark.??

London Met is now bristling with shiny new feedback posters, growing SocialMet statistics, and a way of bringing content to our crowd (read students, staff, other) that maybe hasn't been done before. OK, we do use social media for teaching, and for marketing, and for other stuff like the SU, or things like events. But we've never opened up for chatter about studying here, or what might actually be *a problem* at London Met. Or maybe even why we might love the place, warts'n'all.

I know some in the Lonmetsphere may have their own ideas on what to do about things they don't like. Me? I believe it's only by real discussion that things can change. The (past) status quo wasn't going to achieve anything, and fighting amongst ourselves may only hasten our own downfall (allegedly).

So, Facebook SocialMet is bubblin' up at 143 likes (since 30th Sept), 20,000 odd item views, 295 comments and likes on the wall, and posters with useful REAL feedback from our students. People ARE listening, it's important we keep talking.

See you for the party when we get to 250 likes, it's all back to mine 🙂

/Pen Lister