News from the Frontline

We are one week into the campaign. We have 99 likes as I write this article, so we have nearly reached the first milestone. I’m compiling a list of questions which I will post up to this site, so people can comment on which of them they may feel most useful to follow through with. Of course, essentially we can talk about anything relevant to London Met learning, teaching and life at the university as the charter covers almost every aspect.


??APPEAL #1: Staff and student articles are needed to publicise on the blog for further feedback. Ideally 400 word articles, with links if that’s useful.


APPEAL #2: I’d like students to get involved with making video or images to post up on Facebook.??
Videos can be stuff like chat about a topic or of some building/lecture room/ or other feature you want to talk about, for example. They also need to be short, 2 minutes or less.
Images can be ideas about where and how to publicise SocialMet, or inventive ways of asking questions – write it on a blackboard/whiteboard, then photo it, scan some great drawing or cartoon you have done or seen – you know, use cool ideas.??


Share your brain with us. Then we can tag those with peoples networks and share directly with them on FB.??


APPEAL #3: Snappy cool tweet ideas – links of stuff we can talk about, how other uni’s might be doing good stuff you like etc.??


I really think we can change things for the better, if we pull together on this.