News from SocialMet

Just updating everyone on what’s happening with the SocialMet thing. It has the go-ahead, which we all knew by now (hopefully). We are gearing up for launch when the new academic year starts, plus events for student induction in Freshers week, so we need any and all of the following:

  • Students to help with monitoring and replying to tweets/wall messages/inbox messages etc. If you have a bit of FB or Twitter experience, thats better
  • Your ideas and input for starting the campaign – slogans – questions – provocative statements!
  • Images and graphics you think might be cool to use in some way in the campaign
  • Whatever else I haven’t thought of here that you think might be good
Darcelle Dumas (from the Wow Agency) is going to run the teams, and there is money in the pot to pay all helpers, not a fortune, but it all adds up.


C’mon, as someone once said. Let’s have it.